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Deploying SharePoint in Azure

Mandar Thosar Jan 09, 2017

SharePoint Azure SharePoint in Azure

Are you considering upgrading your SharePoint platform? Are you thinking which cloud environment will be a suitable option for SharePoint? The answer is Microsoft Azure, as it gives you a complete SharePoint deployment. Usually businesses opt for Office 365 which includes SharePoint Online as one of the feature.  

Being cheap and subscription based, businesses think that SharePoint Online one of the best and viable option. SharePoint Online includes running SharePoint in cloud environment known as SaaS (Software as a Service). It allows businesses to save cost on the intranet portal as well. However, businesses fail to understand the subscription based model does not provide complete features and it lacks capabilities which are part of standard SharePoint. Hence, opting for Microsoft Azure can benefit you with an ‘on-premise ‘deployment by providing you with an efficient cloud environment.  

If you are looking to deploy SharePoint in Azure cloud, you should be familiar with SharePoint, cloud-computing and Azure. Understanding SharePoint platform might not be a tough task as your business is already experienced in SharePoint technology. Secondly, if your company’s network is hosted on any of the cloud environments, may be a hybrid solution combining on-premise intranet and cloud computing, then understanding cloud-computing platform won’t be a big deal. But for Azure if you do not have adequate resources then consulting a third party partner can be beneficial to speed up the deployment process without encountering any technical difficulties.  

So, to deploy your SharePoint environment on Azure, your Azure network must be connected to your on-premise network. In other words, a network configuration can be created which will be connected on both the ends. Once this process is done, you can extend your network into Microsoft Azure network. This connected network allows you to remain part of your own network and utilize the benefits of Azure cloud. SharePoint in Azure cloud enables you to access your applications by using your existing login credentials which you use for your SharePoint environment.  

Opting for Microsoft Azure to deploy SharePoint is considered as most viable option. It lets you to save cost on your IT infrastructure. Furthermore, there is no need to constantly manage your hardware as Microsoft does that for you which in return saves the time of your IT administrators. All you have to do is pay your monthly subscription and most of your work is done. 

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