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Customize your digital business experience by adoption of AEM and Magento

Mandar Thosar Mar 28, 2018

Magento Digital Commerce Adobe Experience Manager AEM Digital Business

One differentiation that is very difficult for your competition to replicate is the experience. Experiences are built using tiny tidbits of activities and behaviors that are unique to each brand. What if you could consistently deliver your differentiating factor to your customers? Moreover, you could continuously refine that experience as you progress and maintain every improvement you have introduced in the process. The marriage of AEM and Magento enables you to achieve this without much tumult.

Towards the end of 2016, Magento Commerce and Adobe declared their partnership paving an easy way for marketeers around the world to design and deliver a consistent, transformative customer experience across all their commerce channels. High degree of personalization is now within reach of these marketeers across all digital channels and even in-store. Customers can now be targeted with highly personalized promotions and other content based on their past activity and profile. This ensures the easy and consistent experience for the customer to engage and buy at any stage of the buyer journey.

Magento's strong commerce solution along with AEM's comprehensive CMS platform solution for building websites, mobile apps and forms can offer infinite opportunities for marketeers to create highly individualistic personalizations to differentiate themselves from the competition.

As part of this union, sales and marketing teams will have access to real-time insights and analytics. This leverage of time allows marketeers to close sales quickly as compared to their competition. Every abandoned shopping cart can be converted into a successful checkout and every customer can be converted into a brand ambassador by meaningfully engaging them post-sale.

There is no doubt then that the amalgamation of Magento and AEM will push e-commerce potentially to every digital platform and bring granular personalization even to the checkout process. The only possible limitation of the application that we see is the creativity of the marketeers.

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