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Technology stories handpicked for you- Week 13, 2019

Corporate Apr 05, 2019

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How cloud computing is about to change in 2019

Multi-cloud strategies reached new levels of adoption last year with a huge percent of enterprises having a multi-cloud strategy. In 2019, the influence of multi-cloud is likely to increase even further allowing greater flexibility in deploying the most appropriate cloud technology across different units and roles with improved performance and autonomy.

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Big growth by enterprise mobility in banking market by 2025

Enterprise Mobility in the banking market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 24.81% during the period 2019 to 2025. Global Enterprise Mobility in the banking market is a growing industry requiring new mobility answers for seizing and advance opportunity to enhance and give proficient services to clients.

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5 ways Data Analytics is transforming the Aviation industry

Machine learning and analytics have swept almost all the fields around the globe including the aviation industry. With the increase of data, the use of analytics in the aviation industry is the next big wave used for augmenting opportunities in the industry. Check out the five fascinating ways that the aviation industry using analytics.

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Microsoft demos SharePoint modern Team site creation

Microsoft demonstrated how to create a new Teams Site "modern" page using an existing "classic" SharePoint page in a demo presentation last month. As for the SharePoint Online sites improvements to expect at that time, some key items were listed.

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5 reasons why B2B e-commerce is not just about price

B2B e-commerce has been most spoken about in the startup ecosystem for a while. B2B e-commerce is not just about price when it comes to serving end users. Business relies on purchases to drive efficiencies which are beyond just cost savings.

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