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Azure AzCopy- A very helpful tool

Azure is a leading cloud provider and it has many offerings that are very useful for ISVs and enterprises. Amongst the pool of useful tools, AzCopy is one of the most powerful tools.

AzCopy is a command-line utility which is designed for copying data to or from Microsoft Azure Blob, File, and Table storage which use simple commands designed for optimal performance. You can copy data between a file system and a storage account or that can be between storage accounts. That totally depends on your work requirement.
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Taking your sensor’s data to AZURE IoT hub

Internet Of Things aka IOT is gaining its popularity ever since its inception as we can see. Everything is being IOTized now in order to centralize and streamline the data coming from variety of sources. In a single line IOT can be defined as any device that lets you connect to the internet with the help of just one switch. Raspberry pi is gaining its popularity among developers because of its simple design and plug-and-play connectivity. Since Raspberry Pi is providing you an ability to interface hardware and visualize the data being received from your sensor over its GUI, it is slowly making its way to stand first among the crowd of different prototyping devices in the market. Here goes the glimpse of process flow on how to take your sensor’s data to that of the cloud.
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Highlights from App Innovation Workshop on Cloud

We kicked off the App Innovation Workshop series sponsored by Microsoft last Friday at the premises of e-Zest with a workshop on Cloud.

Subject matter experts from e-Zest and Pune User Group (PUG) gave attendees-many of whom are developers-more than just a feel of Azure and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS).
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Monitor your workload using Azure Monitoring Service

Monitoring is very essential for every application and server and especially when you are running your application in Cloud. Considering that in cloud you don’t get access to the physical hardware, it is very important to troubleshoot and find the Root Cause of problem using the tools and services provided by the Cloud provider to resolve the issues and continue your business. There are various cases where businesses faced long downtime due to lack of monitoring. Microsoft Azure also provides some monitoring tools to help you monitor your Azure serveries and that includes Azure Monitor, Application Insight and Log Analytics. These services comes with free tier as well as paid tiers with more additional features like more limit on daily log data collection etc.

Azure Monitor

Azure Monitoring service provides monitoring of all Azure resources at single window. To use Azure monitor, you don’t to do any configurations. It’s by default available for every Azure Account. It’s the central monitoring for all Azure resources and central place to configure and manage alerts for any Azure resource. Also it has the Network Watcher which helps you track the Azure VNET Packets for any troubleshooting.



As per the above screenshots, you can apply different types of filters and get log data report analysis as per your requirement. Azure Monitor service comes in free tier as well as paid tier.

Azure Monitor Service Contains the following services for Monitoring:

  • Application Insight
  • Log Analytics – Operational Management Suite
  • Network Watcher
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Managing Azure VM-level Backup

Backups are very crucial in any IT related operations. They are your fallback mechanism, just in case things go southwards. In this blog, we will discuss about configuring Azure VM-level backup.

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Azure Site Recovery (in Preview for Azure to Azure)

Azure Site Recovery provides Business Continuity solution by helping us to replicate Azure on-premises workload to Azure. It replicates workload to secondary location either Azure or on-premises. So Azure Site Recovery helps to deploy simple BC DR Solution and options to store data on on-premises or on Azure. It has various feature like encryption while replication data, app consistent replication and very less RPO and RTO to meet your requirements. You can test failover by the feature provided by ASR for DR drill too.

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