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Technology stories around the world- Week 11, 2019

Corporate Mar 22, 2019

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Edge Computing: Saving the Cloud from ephemeral data

Edge computing is rapidly gaining momentum. Last week’s Linux Foundation news on the launch of LF Edge is one more sign of accelerating growth at the edge. What’s driving this sudden intense interest? It’s more than just the sheer number of edge devices or mounting concerns around interoperability and security. Pushing compute resources closer to the edge can save the cloud and networks from waves of ephemeral data.

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Empower your organization with enterprise mobility and BPM

We have to stay connected and updated in real-time for making important business decisions. Smart devices such as phones, tablets and digital assets have redefined the corporate landscape which is creating an increasing dependence on cloud connectivity in order to complete business tasks anywhere, anytime. Apart from meeting the needs and demands of customers, organizations generally want to go the extra mile to exceed expectations from their customers and even their own business goals.

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How big data is revolutionizing the agriculture industry?

Big data is revolutionizing business in many ways due to the large amount of information and insights it offers. It has already made a broad-ranging impact on the farming and agriculture industry. But it seems like the transformation is now genuinely gaining momentum. Here are some interesting ways in which agriculturists use big data.

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Managing your multiple installations of Office 365 account

Microsoft offers a few different flavors of Office 365. But no matter which edition you buy, you can install and run Office on as many computers and devices as you need. That capability makes Office 365 a good option for a business or a household— but that's also where things can get complicated. Follow these step-by-step instructions to manage multiple installations of Office 365.

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How to overcome struggles in adopting B2B e-commerce?

With a good digital strategy, the participation of salespeople, and the right e-commerce platform, manufacturers and distributors can overcome their struggles and grow with digital commerce.

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