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Big trends driving Big Data for 2014

Corporate Sep 10, 2014

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In 2013 we saw all lot of infrastructure perspective given to Big Data within the enterprise market. What we are going to see in 2014 is a refocus on the use of this infrastructure and not the infrastructure itself. Many claim that 2013 was all about Big Data and cloud infrastructure where Big Data was done on bare metal infrastructure within the enterprise. There would be an evolution of this thought towards virtualized infrastructure in 2014.

In the last year enterprises learnt a lot about big data infrastructure that was new to the market. This year, those lessons will be seen applied toward analytic applications. Now that the infrastructure is up and running, there is going be a shift in focus on how to use the infrastructure toward these analytical applications. 2014 it is going to be about what can i do with this Big Data infrastructure and not what is Big Data infrastructure. This will create a great demand for talent and skills in data science.

Big Data industry experts are citing the following predictions in the coming year:

We are going to see a lot of investment in products like Savanna for OpenStack and Ironfan for Amazon Web Service (AWS). These projects allow enterprises to automate the deployment of the Big Data platforms to a virtualized infrastructure. This shift in trend will end the Hadoop clone wars. In 2014, Big Data industry will consolidate Hadoop distributions - some proprietary and some open source.

Talking of consolidation, in the near future, consolidation of Big Data tools is going to take place which will allow a handful of tools to manage and do everything. In near term, usage of ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) processing is going to reduce and in-memory analytics and complex event processing is going to increase. NoSQL storage is going to play a big role in storage domain for Big Data Analytics, along with real-time processing.

The world of data is throwing enormous challenges and it also presents huge opportunities. The big question for enterprises now is how prepared are they to leverage these technologies. it’s essential for enterprises to find a right partner to carry out effective Big Data and Analytics initiative. The answer lies in choosing a right consulting partner, who plays across database, hardware, design and analytics.

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