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Tech stories handpicked for you - Week 30, 2017

Corporate Jul 28, 2017

big data analytics cloud migrations Sharepoint Online Enterprise Mobility SharePoint Framework

Most efficient cloud migration techniques

Moving huge amount of data to cloud can be risky and expensive. Enterprises who are struggling with cloud migration seek for options that are effective in terms of flexibility and cost. These tips can really help in smooth, secure and cost-effective cloud migration.

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Things to remember while developing app for enterprise mobility

Enterprise application development is about developing mobile apps for smooth business operations. These applications are developed and wired with other tools that are used by enterprises for other operations.

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How big data is fostering healthcare?

The healthcare industry is leveraging big data for real-time processing and data analytics resulting into accelerated decision making process. Though there are multiple benefits of big data, the healthcare industry still has a long way to go.

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Definition of SharePoint Online growth

Surprisingly, the usage of SharePoint Online is growing tremendously. This sustainable growth in SharePoint Online adoption is owing to the introduction of SharePoint Framework including new tools and extensions such as Microsoft Flow, Power Apps and Microsoft Forms.

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