IoT- Making the Web Wiser

Every cash withdrawal at an ATM, every voice mail recorded and received, or a card swipe at the corner of the street; each of these transactions and many other, generate data that is analyzed, replicated and consumed. We call this the digital universe!

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What is Memcached?

In the web world, every user prefers applications which are really fast. To make the web application faster and equipped to handle more users at the same time, you will need to cache the most used data and store it in such a way that minimal resources are necessary to deliver the data to the application or to the user. Most of the applications do not even update their content/products database every 15 minutes which shows that it is not necessary to query the db every time a visitor enters a page.

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Transforming healthcare with IoT

Even if the Internet of Things (IoT) is present from years in various forms, it’s gaining more traction and relevance now due to advances in sensor and connectivity technologies.

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Have You Tried Drupal Yet?

About Drupal

1) Drupal is a free software package that allows you to easily organize, manage and publish your content.

2) Drupal is an open source content management platform powering millions of websites and applications.

3) It also has a huge community.

4) Dries Buytaert began the Drupal software as a message board in 1999.

Why to choose Drupal?

Drupal is a CMS used to build enterprise applications. We can also build many other things with Drupal such as e-Commerce websites, multisites etc. It also has ready modules which can accelerate development.

Steps for Installing Drupal

1) Visit the official Drupal site i.e.

and download the latest version.


2) After downloading Drupal, extract the file using the following PHP


  • Copy the zip folder in the htdocs folder
  • And give the folder name as site name


  • Copy the zip folder in the www folder
  • And give the folder name as site name

3) Create the database that you will be using for your new Drupal web site.

Just open the phpmyadmin and you will get a display as shown below.

Let’s call the database drupal_blogdrupal

Drupal Development Services

4) Launch the Drupal installation script. i.e. Access the folder where you copy that zip from the browser.

The following screen shows up when we access the zip folder and choose Standard:

access the zip folder

5) After clicking “Save and Continue”, it asks for the language selection.

language selection

6) After selecting language, it will verify the requirement and ask for database set up i.e. It will ask database name, database username and database password.

Also we can use SQLite database for Drupal.

use SQLite database for Drupal

7) After giving the database details, it begins to install Drupal.

install Drupal

8) After installing the necessary file, we add the site configuration ie. Site name, site email ids and the admin username and password.

admin username and password

9) After you configure the site, it shows a congratulatory message.

congratulatory message

When you click on the visit site button, it shows the front end of the site.

Final Website

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Why Learning and Development teams should use SharePoint? Part 1

Many enterprises face a tough time understanding what a business user needs to learn in order to perform his/her role better and grow within the organization. They provide enterprise L&D teams access to centralized/de-centralized teams, policies, tools and platforms such as authoring tools, LMS, LCMS, assessment tools and more. These systems keep growing as the organization grows or phases out old technologies with the newer ones.

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Why Manual Testing is better than Automation Testing?

Most of the people from the technology world rate automation testing as more effective and efficient. I, however, do not conform to that view and feel manual testing is way more effective.

Topics: Testing Technology

Full-Text Search in SQL Server

In this blog I would like to share some of my interesting findings in Database with Full-Text Search using C#.NET (You can substitute it with any technology that interacts with a database).

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e-Zest featured in Yahoo!

Yahoo! Finance has featured e-Zest's Strategic Technology Trends for 2015. The trends which are released every year are produced by our business research team. The report is drawn from insights developed through extensive market research, client interactions and the experience of our internal technology practice teams. The report covers technology areas such as cloud computing, enterprise mobility, big data, wearables and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Introduction to ASP.NET Web API?

Web API provides you a platform where you can build and consume HTTP services. We can get and post data in XML and JSON format. It is good for mobile and iPad applications that return data in JSON and XML. We go with JSON because JSON is faster than XML. JSON doesn’t have attribute and is good even with a slow internet connection.

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Conversion of Para-virtualization (PV) to Hardware-assisted Virtual Machine (HVM)

Let me jump to the topic straight here. I will begin with a few lines on why to convert Para-virtualization (PV) to Hardware-assisted Virtual Machine (HVM), and once the readers are sufficiently motivated, offer ways of doing it.

Topics: cloud computing Technology

How to do software testing efficiently?

Software testing is the process of finding defects in the application and meeting the requirements of end users. Simply saying ‘we do software testing’ does not magically make your software better. For that we need to do it actually in an efficient manner. Here are some tips to do so:

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Bug found: What’s the next step?

The main objective behind software testing of an application is to make the product bug free by digging out bugs in the software. Bugs are essentially mistakes committed by humans in software code or in its design. While we are confident enough while reporting the bug, we are often stuck at the question – ‘What should be done after a bug is found?’

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Is Testing an Inborn Skill or can be Learnt?

In the IT industry, testers are a crucial to delivering a high quality product. A product which is badly tested can throw a company on top of the charts to rock bottom or even cause a business loss to the tune of millions of dollars.

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How To Implement AWS ElastiCache in Magento

For any web application, caching plays a vital role in performance. We all know about Magento as a powerful e-commerce framework. Its community version though is slower. However, there are ways to speed it up as well.

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Interactive Financial Reports

Financial reports or statements of a company provide a snapshot of how the income and expenses have affected the company and its stakeholders over a specific period of time. These statements exhibit the financial standing of the business. Annual reports are published on a yearly basis and sent to the company’s stakeholders and other parties. An annual report consolidates all the year’s operations and gives a glimpse of the organization’s viewpoint in the upcoming year as well as its position in the industry.

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Effective Project Management for Project Success

The Project Management Book of Knowledge, compiled by the Project Management Institute, defines the term as:

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TECH DIGEST – Week 51, 2014

Cloud Computing Trends in 2015

Topics: Cloud Computing Trends in 2015 Big Data trends Mobile Enterprise Apps - Predictions for 2015 Technology Enterprise Collaboration

e-Zest releases its Technology Trends for 2015

e-Zest, a global IT services company offering new-age technology solutions to transform businesses, has released the technology trends that dictate technology investments in 2015. This year will see dramatic rise in investment in technologies that will work in tandem to give combined result to organizations. Organizations will no longer afford to invest in just one area of technology.

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TECH DIGEST – Week 50, 2014

Sun Shining Bright for Cloud Computing

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PLIS! Have an Effective Hobby – Part II

There are no good or bad hobbies, or cool or uncool hobbies. As I wrote earlier, it is a matter of perspective. Rockstars are born in every domain, whether you think that is cool or uncool. An effective hobby is something that is practiced for at least half an hour every day. That is non-negotiable. There is some jazz about doing something for 21 days and then it automatically becomes a part of your schedule. 21 days or not, squeezing anything into your schedule needs commitments repeated over time to make it ‘muscled up’ in your memory. The most ideal situation is when you feel a little queasy when the day threatens to end without an indulgence in your hobby.

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PLIS! Have an Effective Hobby – Part I

Writing blogs is a great hobby. I hope I do get that bribe from the marketing team now, for saying that. Truisms apart, we all can admit writing an essay sometime back in the past that might have read as ‘My Hobby’. It was probably the exercise that introduced us to terms like philately and numismatics, when we had to fabricate stuff in the absence of none!

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The Evolution of EHRs

Electronic Health Record (EHR)/Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is the most commonly used term for software which provides functionality to store, access and use medical information of patients. EHRs (or EMRs) reduce paper work of physicians and helps them to concentrate more on their patients. Many hospitals and clinics prefer EHRs over paper records to store patient information and medical data. EHRs allows physicians to access patient information and medical history anytime and update new information easily.

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TECH DIGEST – Week 49, 2014

Cloud Computing to Pick Up Pace in the Future: Google

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Phalcon Working with Multi Modules

Step 1:

Topics: Technology

All about Phalcon: Part 1

What is Phalcon?

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All About Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

My inspiration of writing this blog was the activity conducted by e-Zest on Nov 14, 2014. The concern that we showed to those kids could be as well applicable to the rest of the world!

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Moving towards “Affordable Healthcare for All”

“Affordable Healthcare for All" has become a buzz word at a time when increasing healthcare costs are putting pressure on both the payers and consumers.

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Amazon SNS - Push Notifications to Mobile Devices Using PHP

Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) is a fast, fully-managed, push messaging service. Amazon SNS can deliver messages to mobile devices (i.e. iOS, Android). It transmits push notifications from backend server applications to mobile apps on Apple, Google and Kindle Fire devices using a simple API. You can send a message to a particular device or you can send a message to every device that is subscribed to a particular SNS App.

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Process of Product Innovation - Can it be structured?

Few years ago while attending an event at IIT Chicago, I came across a book “Process of Innovation”. When I started reading it, I realized it’s too complex for me to go through each of the theorems mentioned in the book. As a result an impression was created in my mind – I cannot innovate. The impression was so strong that over a period of time any topic around innovation used to scare the hell out of me (given that I like to learn new thoughts and processes).

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Performance Testing Tools Significant for Businesses

The ubiquitous smartphones are making our world more techno-savvy than ever before. They are being used by people of all classes – from the simple village farmer to the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. For businesses, it presents an unprecedented opportunity to reach out to all these people quickly through web and mobile applications.

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Potential Applications of 3D printing

The world is going crazy with 3D printing. Along with the Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing is widely regarded as the technology which will truly be a game-changer for the world. Suddenly, everyone from doctors to engineers to chefs are turning expert printers. Fancy a 3D printed hamburger, eh?

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TECH DIGEST – Week 48, 2014

Cloud Computing in Education

Topics: Mobile app development Enterprise Collaboration Platform Big Data adopting Cloud Computing in Education Technology

How to use MySQL Full-Text Search

MySQL support text search with the help of LIKE operator and Regular expressions. However, it is not a full-fledged text search as it does not provide relevant ranking of search results, results for complex queries and is not performance oriented.

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Developing for the Apple Watch

Apple introduced the Apple Watch in a bid to enhance the experience of people already familiar with the iOS technology. In my opinion, Apple also introduced their WatchKit before the Apple Watch so that developers could get enough time for development. Currently, developers can build an application for Apple Watch in Xcode 6.2 (beta right now available) with iOS 8.2 and above.

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The SCORM Chronicles | Episode: The Offline Challenge

I am a developer. Things are a bit mundane sometimes in my life. Once in a while, I seek an adventure that challenges me to find a cool solution that makes a difference to someone out there. My prayers were perfectly answered when we landed this work that the sales folk were touting as ‘a great opportunity’, ‘costs an irrational lot out there’, ‘strict deadlines’ and all that jazz. I knew what I had to do. What happened next has been chronicled below. Hence, I present to you: ‘The SCORM Chronicles’

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