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TECH DIGEST – Week 50, 2014

Corporate Dec 20, 2014

enterprise collaboration in 2015 Big Data is transformation New Mobile Web Technology

Sun Shining Bright for Cloud Computing

Cloud is used to some degree by close to 90% of businesses and has become the new standard for application development. It provides elastically scalable, self-service computing which enables the development of external and internal applications on top of this platform. While Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the biggest player in the market, other companies such as Microsoft, IBM are also in the race. These big players will only help accelerate innovation and enterprise adoption.

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How Big Data is transforming the Music Industry

After years of declining music sales in the U.S, Big Data might just be the answer the music industry is looking for. Big Data can unlock the full potential of music, the only universal media which connects the world. Experts predict that data will not only make up for the revenue lost in physical sales, it will eventually become an even bigger revenue source. Through social media and advertising technology, the music industry can leverage data-driven marketing and join the global trend of collaborative marketing and mobile engagement.

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Apps are the New Mobile Web

Mobile is miles ahead in the multiscreen dominance race. What is noteworthy is that out of the total time spent on mobile, consumers spend 86% of their time on native apps instead of mobile web. Apps are already on their way to replace the World Wide Web. Earlier, the big difference between mobile apps and web experience was interconnectivity. While users could surf the web easily, mobile apps remained isolated from one another. Deep linking and app extensions are the game changers which are now enabling apps to interconnect, share and communicate - presenting a new kind of web experience.

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What Lies in Store for Enterprise Collaboration in 2015?

The importance of enterprise collaboration is increasingly accepted by businesses. Companies want efficient ways to communicate with customers. Enterprise collaboration is bridging organizational silos and improving workflow. The increasing adoption of analytics will further drive investment in collaboration. There will be greater emphasis on measuring and reporting, and organizations will be able to track performance, make engagement and drive deeper, meaningful engagement.

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