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TECH DIGEST – Week 48, 2014

Corporate Dec 06, 2014

Mobile app development Enterprise Collaboration Platform Big Data adopting Cloud Computing in Education Technology

Cloud Computing in Education

Cloud computing is transforming the way enterprises run their business. Atleast, 90% of the organizations are using some form of cloud-based application. Cloud offers some great benefits for enterprises such as reduced infrastructure and IT costs, increased accessibility, collaboration and flexibility in customization of products. These benefits of cloud computing are greatly impacting the education sector, both in traditional classrooms as well as online courses.

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Europe increasingly adopting Big Data

Things are changing fast in the European technology landscape. Big Data is now becoming a huge commercial action point for European companies. Enterprises are using innovations such as data from sensors to improve train reliability, building systems to interact with the built environment, mobile marketing, open data and customer service. From the days of a strict data-protection approach, businesses are now more willing to work within the framework instead of avoiding or ignoring it.

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How to hire a Mobile App Development Company?

If your business is ready to hop on to the mobile app bandwagon, it is time to find out the right mobile app development company for your project. The mobile app development company that you shortlist should be able to deliver the app as per your expectations. You need a professional technology partner who will give you a competitive edge in the market. You should begin by checking their websites and assessing previous projects. Have a look at the apps and technologies they have worked on.

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Facebook to launch Enterprise Collaboration Platform

A recent report has revealed that Facebook will launch a new enterprise collaboration tool called 'Facebook at Work'. This system will allow corporate employees to communicate with each other within an organization, connect with professional contacts, collaborate over documents and with users from a different geographical area. This platform will be different from the existing version but will include some common features such as messaging tool, news feeds and document sharing.

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