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Tech Digest – Week 04, 2014

Creating the Next-Generation Cloud with Software-Defined App Services

Topics: healthcare big data Chrome apps to Android and iOS Big data SharePoint Next-Generation Cloud Technology

Tech Digest – Week 03, 2014

Why is Cloud already like a victorious battle?

Topics: Technology

Sharding and Replication in MongoDB

Sharding and Replication have become important tool in today’s application database design. We have couple of ongoing projects where we are working with MongoDB NoSQL database. Hence my blog is going to talk about how these concepts are implemented in MongoDB NoSQL database.

Topics: Sharding in MongoDB NoSQL database business intelligence Sharding and Replication analytics Replication in MongoDB NoSQL database Technology

The Real Big thing about Big Data

It is one thing to have choices, but it is another to have too many of them! In a world full of too many choices, the chaos is evident with chances of leaving out what is important, instead recycle things that are junk. This fact naturally is seen extending itself everywhere and now the IT industry is seen dealing with the excess of data and the crucial aspect of managing it. Yes, the big term, a buzzword ‘Big Data’ has indeed been making the news and has been creating quite an uproar with the magnanimous amount of data explosion that is predicted to impact the overall productivity, growth and innovation in the industry in the coming years.

Topics: business intelligence analytics Technology

Enabling Telnet Client in Windows 7 to check Port Enable

When you first try to run a telnet command, Windows will inform you that telnet is not recognized as a command,

Topics: Technology

EDI Unleashed – Series 7

We discussed EDI 835 message EDI in the previous blog, Now let’s look at EDI 820 transaction now.
The EDI 820 transaction deals with payments. It is used in conjunction with an electronic transfer of funds for payment of goods, insurance premiums or other transactions.

Topics: healthcare Technology

Tech Digest – Week 02, 2014

Uplift your business with 5 cloud tools

Topics: BI and Big Data 2014 - Prediction Cloud ERP 5 cloud tools mobile apps Technology

Reinventing the Importance of Good Content

What would the world do without communication; would it be the same place as it is today? Although this may seem like a stupid question, communication in today’s developed world is highly undermined and underutilized in many ways than one can imagine. But not any longer! Talking of the digital age that we live in today, content is naturally the unflinching contender, which best describes this age as also being one of the most influential factors responsible for empowering this tech-age.

Topics: Team

Dynamic Schema in NoSQL

I always used to wonder why we need NoSQL database in first place like most of the developers who have worked on SQL. As I started exploring it, the thing that struck me most is NoSQL's "Dynamic Schema".

Topics: business intelligence

Tech Digest – Week 01, 2014

Now it’s Cloud for enterprise computing in 2014

Topics: Team mobile enterprise applications enterprise computing in 2014 Big Data in 2014 Technology

Cloud computing on strategy map for European countries

Surprisingly I still come across articles that refer ‘cloud computing’ as a buzz word. We have crossed that phase long back. Today a simple search on Google for ‘cloud computing’ gives 528,000,000 results. Moreover, we have European companies forming cloud computing strategies to boost GDP and national employment.

Topics: cloud computing Technology

e-Zest releases its technology trends predictions for 2014

e-Zest; a global IT services company offering cloud computing, enterprise mobility, business intelligence and analytics, collaboration and user interface and experience services; has released the technology trends that will dominate 2014. Unlike 2013, this year is expected to witness growth in overall IT spending with maximum contribution from enterprise software and device sales.

Topics: News & Events

Tech Digest – Week 53, 2013

Now it’s China for Amazon’s Cloud Computing

Topics: impact of Mobile Apps Big data Collaboration Amazon’s Cloud Computing Technology

GrayLog2 Centralize your Logs and power of Analytics

Why Centralized Log Aggregation:

Topics: GrayLog2 power of Analytics Logs cloud computing Technology

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