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Tech Digest – Week 04, 2014

Corporate Jan 31, 2014

healthcare big data Chrome apps to Android and iOS Big Data SharePoint Next-Generation Cloud Technology

Creating the Next-Generation Cloud with Software-Defined App Services

Enterprises today find themselves in vicious circle of technology problem. Their data centers are not equipped to adapt to meet the expectations of rapid provisioning, continuous delivery and consistent performance across environments. Cloud has an answer to this but mostly pinned down by legacy deployment models. Next-generation cloud with software-defined app services can solve this problem.

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Google brings Chrome apps to Android and iOS, lets developers submit to Google Play and Apple’s App Store

Google has recently declared Chrome apps for Android and iOS. It is offering a developer preview of an Apache Cordova based toolchain to wrap developers’ Chrome app with a native application shell that enables them to distribute it through Google and Apple’s store.

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Interest in healthcare ‘big data’ grows

Google has launched a medical venture last year called Calico marking its trajectory out from its core business of providing relevant search results. The move underlines the growing interest in the potential for data to promote innovation and efficiency improvement in healthcare.

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Using SharePoint for Multiple Solutions

SharePoint has a lot to offer to enterprise as it can be used in many different ways. It may have been initially implemented as a way to collaborate and share data but it has lot other uses in the enterprise world. An initial investment provides a path for multiple solutions. This, for many reasons, can be a very appealing approach.

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