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Reinventing the Importance of Good Content

Madhavi Vaidya Jan 17, 2014


What would the world do without communication; would it be the same place as it is today? Although this may seem like a stupid question, communication in today’s developed world is highly undermined and underutilized in many ways than one can imagine. But not any longer! Talking of the digital age that we live in today, content is naturally the unflinching contender, which best describes this age as also being one of the most influential factors responsible for empowering this tech-age.

Reflecting on some of the patterns of this universe itself, there has always been a pattern of a sudden surge, a phenomenal explosion, a cult maybe, an outbreak of energy that translates into a trend, into an age, into a typical time period itself, just like the big bang theory believed to be responsible for life itself. This digital age is no exception to this pattern. The rise of this age has brought in many rapid changes and along with it has reiterated the power of the strongest tools of communication- Content.

Content is the true connection, a robust bridge that fills in the gaps of random imagination, decoding the codes of everyday life, of everyday business. Big enterprises are now thriving on this tool and are prepared, armed with the most powerful influential parameter that now determines their success in magnanimous ways.

So what is it about content that really makes the difference? Whatever the name, be it Content marketing, SEO, Campaigning; as per science and its rules, there always necessarily exists one underlying truth, theory for any powerful upcoming phenomenon. With reference to the digital age where humans connect through technology; the phenomenon of good content is based on the underlying psychology or technique maybe, of creating a personalized experience for your consumers; this by breaking down the barriers of unfamiliarity, distance and many such factors. Good content undoubtedly works towards building trust, reaching out, introducing, creating an appeal and finally selling what rightfully deserves to be sold.

Though this may appear to be not so challenging a task, it actually takes a lot of research, a deep understanding of not just the market and its trends, but involves being aware of the know-how of human behavior, consumer psychology, analysis and predictions. Content is now the face of an enterprise, a first level dialogue of sorts that has the capacity to create a lasting impression, of conveying the right message in the right words and of course at the right time!

All content is not necessarily good content, so what is Good content really? Good content is good so long it is characterized by relevance. Relevant content is extremely crucial in today’s fast paced lives. This is ‘the’ factor that can propel the popularity of your enterprise and win you some loyal customers. Your audience will stay faithful and interested, only when they get to chew their favorite food. So dish it out committedly while maintaining the consistency in taste, coupled with a courteous and exceptionally good service and you have won their trust.

So good content is just like a competent, good design that is customer-centric; one that encompasses a user-friendly interface, with appealing aesthetics and overall manages to make technology an easy to use tool for all consumers.

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