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Tech Digest – Week 01, 2014

Corporate Jan 11, 2014

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Now it’s Cloud for enterprise computing in 2014

Cloud has been the mover and shaker in the consumer market for quite some time now. It is one unstoppable phenomenon and now it is spreading its magic in the enterprise computing too. It’s not just the talk of the town but actual research and analysis is showing the same picture. IDC, one of the leading IT market analysis company, has predicted 2014 to be the year that will mark the entry of cloud into the mainstream enterprise computing.

In fact the predictions also talk about 25% to 30% of all server hardware to be shipped in 2014 will be going to the cloud service providers as it is cloud has many advantages from an enterprise perspective.

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A take on the waging war of mobile–first vs. mobile and some insights on mobile enterprise applications

Customers, employees and partners have been embracing and adopting mobile devices and this ever emerging trend and the increasing desire of these constituencies to have a more mobile- like experience even through their desktop0 devices has been putting immense pressure on enterprises to speed up their mobile application strategies.

This is resulting into CEOs and even the corporate boards putting mobile applications on the top of the list priority. For mostly the strategies and applications being developed internally now involve mobilizing the existing applications and adopting a mobile-first approach.

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Watch out for the four pointers for Big Data in 2014

Big Data has been a buzz word for quite some time and now it seems to have moved much beyond with an addition of the continuous federal investment in the big data, its usefulness is only growing by the day. Also, the hints through the Edward Snowden leaks speaking of how the technology is highly useful for intelligence agencies as well, Big Data is surely in a booming phase.

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How Yammer is killing enterprise social networking?

Microsoft's acquisition of Yammer created a sense of enterprise social revolution. But has Yammer really lived up to expectations is a question to be answered. Enterprise social networks should ideally answer primal (replacement of a current intranet to solve visceral problems), visionary (reduction in employee turn-over) and operational objectives of the organization. Here is quick account of what's happening in reality.

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