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5 key advantages of applying mobile analytics to your app

Nidhi Thakkar Nov 24, 2016

Mobile analytics app analytics mobile app analytics

mobile-analytics.pngWith proliferation of apps in mobile marketplace, tracking number of app downloads might not be sufficient to measure success of developed app. Defining success and popularity of app subject to customer value is considered as an old school approach. However with continuous transformation and innovation, it is highly essential to modernize the success tracking practices which can eventually help in surviving the competition.  

Considering the scenario, app analytics plays a vital role in measuring app success. It helps you in figuring out how users interact with your app and what are their requirements. Furthermore, it tells you which part of your app needs improvement. However, to leverage benefits of app analytics, one will have to integrate app analytics in the marketing plan.   

Integrating app analytics with your app can provide enormous benefits from which 5 of them are mentioned below. 

  • Helps in ROI evaluation - There are ample of apps available online that are competing for popularity and customer visibility. However in this competitive environment, there is also a need to focus on the returns on investment apart from popularity and visibility. The app analytics helps you to drive the ROI by getting high return from customers. Hence, by gaining a deep insight using app analytics one can simply learn the behavior and need of customers to enhance app value. 

  • Measuring exact dataApp analytics provides exact patterns and feedback gained from customers which in return can help you to enhance app experience in terms of usability. 

  • Helps in tracking the goals Usually app marketers focus upon preferred channels rather than the channels that are more active and help in acquisition. Hence, analytics integration can enable app marketers to figure out which acquisition channels are worthy and require investment. 

  • Helps in gaining insights App engagement is directly proportional to customer engagement. So, to gain an effective app engagement it is vital to have a long list of loyal customers using your app frequently. Therefore, app analytics provides you with exact data why and when customers deleted or stopped using your app. This information can ultimately help you in solving the app errors at ground-level and win your customer back.  

  • Helps in strategizing and optimizing marketing campaigns App analytics also provides you with information on your newly initiated marketing campaign. It tracks conversion and sales data generated during the campaign by comparing it to other channels. This data can enable you to strategize and optimize your marketing campaigns accordingly.  

App analytics provides real-time data to app marketers which can enable them to acquire new customers and channels. It also helps them to comprehend why the users dump the app and enables them to quantify the errors. App analytics is one of the important methodology working in the background of app to augment your marketing endeavors by allowing you to achieve happy and satisfied customers.  

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