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Your Big Data Future is Safe with Pentaho

Shashank Venkat Jan 04, 2016

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In today’s business world, Big Data has become a very key part of strategic business decisions. To make the most out of the available data sources, companies need access to tools that can help them maximize the potential of this data. Pentaho is a great option available to data-oriented organizations. It is one of the best data integration and business analytics tools used for visualization and analysis of Big Data.

Pentaho was in the news recently owing to its acquisition by Hitachi Data Systems (HDS). While Pentaho will be integrated with the advanced analytics foundation software offered by HDS, it will continue to be offered independently as well.

The Pentaho Business Analytics suite offers open-source BI products which come with capabilities in data integration, data mining, OLAP services, ETL, reports and dashboards. The suite has two offerings – Pentaho Enterprise Edition and Pentaho Community Addition.

Even non-technical people can access and visualize data with the help of Pentaho. The platform can get in data from diverse sources right from Excel to Hadoop. It offers fast reporting, detailed visualization and integration with third party applications. Pentaho supports most of the popular platforms/technologies such as Android, iOS and Windows. It also enjoys a vibrant community of developers.

The newest version of Pentaho has come with even more exciting features which will only serve to bolster its capabilities. Pentaho 5.4, the latest version, allows integration with Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR). It will improve productivity and remove roadblocks to working with Hadoop in the cloud. It has also brought in integration with SAP HANA. The feature will allow Pentaho users to bring together various data sources and plug it with SAP Hana for Analytics.

Only recently, the company also announced integration of Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) with Apache Spark helping orchestration with Spark jobs. This will further improve efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

These enhancements have reinforced the reputation of this platform. It can power analytics in any environment and is ideally suited for diverse big data deployments. Pentaho is a great tool to maximize business potential in the Big Data and IoT ecosystem. Your Big Data Future is safe with Pentaho, indeed!

This video provides a quick overview of Pentaho:

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