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How to get started with Digital Experience Engineering at your company?

Shashank Venkat Feb 08, 2016

Technology Digital Experience Engineering

Businesses are increasingly relying on technology for daily activities. Digital solutions can help businesses align with their customer needs and devise newer strategies to grow their business. Today, digital platforms are enabling businesses to develop newer ways to build, transfer, operate and communicate with stakeholders.

While we think about digital solutions, we can get embroiled in the technologies that power it. Technology, although important, is a means to an end. That end is where the customers really experience your business. And in order to give your customers the best digital experiences, you need to engage in a little bit of digital experience engineering.

If you are thinking that digital experience engineering is just another catchphrase, think again. In fact, engineering memorable digital experiences is paramount to running a successful enterprise today. Digital experience goes beyond technology alone. It is the amalgamation of technology, UX and marketing. An approach where all three come together in a combined fashion and deliver a unified product. Technology delivers the right solution, UX elevates that experience whereas Digital Marketing makes it feel more personal.

So, how to incorporate digital experience engineering at your company? Here are a few tips:

  1. Select the right vendor – The right vendor can make the biggest difference to your business. Choose a vendor which brings you the entire digital experience approach and not isolated bits of technology, UX and digital marketing solutions. A vendor which offers the entire gamut of services will be able to retain control of your product throughout the entire lifecycle.
  2. Understand where Digital Experience truly fits in – While you want every department to be able to embrace this re-engineering of sorts, there has to be a starting point. Instead of trying to bring about an organization-wide change at one go, think about where you can integrate digital experience engineering. Maybe you want to start with sales or HR. Having a single function embrace change first eliminates the need for a massive overhaul of the system. In any case, knowing about business processes which are best suited to adopt the change will help you build a more compelling case for digital experience engineering.
  3. Take baby steps – Do not go about like a bull trying to bring about significant change. Nobody likes change. Start with smaller steps and gradually build a case for digital experience engineering. As stated above, you can start with one function.
  4. Leverage leadership – When trying to incorporate digital experience engineering, it is important that you have the senior leaders on board. Understanding these stakeholders will be key to bring about organization-wide change in attitude in the future.
  5. Tune your teams to it – After getting the nod from the senior management, it is also essential to involve all your teams in the process. Team leaders can conduct information sessions about digital experience engineering and the benefits it brings to the organization. Team members will recognize the importance of digital experience engineering while building the next product.
  6. Bring about a culture change – Digital experience engineering is a mindset and it does not happen in a day. This approach has to gradually seep into every team within your company. A clear approach will not only help the team members, but also delight clients. The focus on digital experience engineering should be visible across your company website and other external forums. Slowly, but surely delivering memorable experiences will come naturally to your business.

What are your thoughts about digital experience engineering? Waiting to read your comments below.

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