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Windows 10 on Mobile

Mugdha Mundhe Feb 17, 2015

Mobile Development Technology

Software giant Microsoft has released their new OS named “Windows 10” which is also called as “Win10” for desktop and mobiles. Mobiles with Windows 8 and 8.1 will get upgraded to Windows 10. Microsoft has confirmed mobile phones with 512MB RAM get Windows 10 but with limited features. There are many new features in Windows 10 with improved build in apps that includes Mails, Messages, Maps, Camera and Skype.

Mail feature is one of the prime attractions with biggest improvements to the apps. Microsoft has built a universal Outlook app across mobile, tablet and desktop which were missing in Windows 8 and 8.1. Windows 10 has brought in very exciting features such as built-in support for Exchange. They have also taken some very interesting features from their competitors like gestures for actions such as delete and flag to enhance the experience. These actions can be synced to your PC which makes picking your flagged email easier at a later date.

Photos and cameras too have been changed heavily in Windows 10. Similar to the mail app, Microsoft has made universal photo app for mobile, tablet and PC. This app gets you images taken using the built-in camera, images stored on other devices and cloud as well. The built-in camera which is primarily the Lumia camera holds the same interface, and other features which Nokia first introduced with the Lumia 1020. The Photo app looks more powerful on desktop due to its auto correction feature. Microsoft has announced phones to have the same feature eventually.

Microsoft has tried to offer an exceptional map experience to its users by moving to single maps app for Windows 10 with Cortana integration. By offering one map app, Microsoft has completely sidelined HERE and Bing maps which were confusing for the map users of the previous Windows versions of phones.

Microsoft has made texting a lot better with Skype integration for Windows 10 phones. Now, one can SMS and Skype all within a same thread. Switching between these two also is made very easy, with notifications that can also be synced with the PC for an easy messaging service.

There is even a new keyboard introduced with joystick that makes it easier to edit text than tapping in between words. The Spartan browser is included instead of Internet explorer in Windows 10. And, you can also see a touch optimized office version in Windows 10

We are also hoping for great features within the next coming versions of Win10.

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