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Mugdha Mundhe

Mugdha works as a Software Engineer with e-Zest and has 2.4 years of experience. She is qualified B.E (E&TC) and has expertise in Mobile Application Development. Mugdha is currently working with iOS technology. She usually spends her leisure time travelling, drawing and she also loves singing and dancing.

Recent Posts by Mugdha Mundhe:

Windows 10 on Mobile

Software giant Microsoft has released their new OS named “Windows 10” which is also called as “Win10” for desktop and mobiles. Mobiles with Windows 8 and 8.1 will get upgraded to Windows 10. Microsoft has confirmed mobile phones with 512MB RAM get Windows 10 but with limited features. There are many new features in Windows 10 with improved build in apps that includes Mails, Messages, Maps, Camera and Skype.

Topics: Mobile Development Technology

Developing for the Apple Watch

Apple introduced the Apple Watch in a bid to enhance the experience of people already familiar with the iOS technology. In my opinion, Apple also introduced their WatchKit before the Apple Watch so that developers could get enough time for development. Currently, developers can build an application for Apple Watch in Xcode 6.2 (beta right now available) with iOS 8.2 and above.

Topics: Wearable technology Mobile Development Technology

Scale to fit using Autolayout

In many programing scenarios we face difficulty using Autolayout. We sometimes want subviews in fixed bases or sometimes in the aspect ratio of parent view. Sometimes we want imageview having Aspect fit content mode. If the container size is unknown at runtime, we want the subview to respect the aspect ratios which are defined. Sometimes if container views aspect ratiois wider than subview, then subview must have parent view height. Sometimes they are required to be Centered Horizontal and Vertical.

Topics: Technology

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