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Why DevOps?

Satish Chavan Sep 23, 2015

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Building software is a team game. It requires collaboration of various stakeholders from business and technology functions. Even when the software is getting developed, the process of building software is not immune to misunderstanding among various stakeholders in the system. Rather, it is one of the top reasons for software project failures.

What is DevOps and Why it is important for us?

During the software development lifecycle, there are a lot of challenges between those who build software and those who support it. Historically, the relationship between development and operations has been challenging - with each role having specific goals to achieve while viewing the other as a roadblock.

If operations activities become more predictable, we can reduce release cycles and improve end user experience. If the development team works faster, it is possible to continuously release high quality, stable and improved software solutions. The DevOps culture can help overcome these issues and bridge the gap between development and operations for the betterment of business. Wikipedia defines DevOps as a software development method that stresses communication, collaboration, integration, automation and measurement of cooperation between development team and operations professionals.

Some of the key factors driving DevOps adoption are:

  1. Increased adoption of agile methodologies for product or solution development
  2. Demand for increased number of production releases from business stakeholders
  3. Increased adoption of cloud for collaboration, deployment and delivery infrastructure
  4. Increased focus on test and build automation

With DevOps, we can improve deployment frequency, leading to faster time to market, lower failure rate of new releases and reduce lead time between fixes, and provide recovery capabilities with predictability, efficiency, security, and maintainability of operational processes.

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