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Nagios Continuous Monitoring Tool

Nagios Continuous Monitoring Tool
Monitoring of the server is very important to save your project environment from any problems. It becomes the basic need to ensure that systems, application, and services are functioning properly. Monitoring also surfaces any network or server problem, digs up the root causes of issues, and maintains security. Further, it resolves several system errors: low memory, and unreachable server. It helps in troubleshooting server performance issues. It automatically fixes problems when detected and also monitors the entire infrastructure and business process. Continuous Monitoring is, therefore, an important part of DevOps life-cycle.

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Microsoft organized App Innovation Workshops at e-Zest

It’s always a full house when Microsoft organizes workshops. e-Zest collaborated with Microsoft and Pune User Group (PUG) as a partner for the App Innovation Workshop series. With three engaging workshops on Cloud, Xamarin, and DevOps, presenters were able to enlighten the participants, mainly IT professionals of Pune on employing these trending technologies as they build apps.
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Highlights from App Innovation Workshop on DevOps

With a full house at Microsoft’s second App Innovation Workshop on DevOps held at our premises, we are excited to present the third in the series- Xamarin. The technical workshop series is presented by SMEs from the Pune User Group (PUG) and provides members of the tech community with the opportunity to develop an understanding of Microsoft’s platforms through hands-on exercises and knowledge sharing.

Our first workshop on Cloud was held on May 18 with several team members from e-Zest facilitating, followed by a hands-on DevOps workshop on June 1 presided primarily by DevOps Consultant and Microsoft MVP Gouri Sohoni.

With things innovating at the speed of light around us, it is workshops like these that keep developers constantly up to date with the new toy in the market. For more information about our Xamarin workshop and to register visit: https://t.co/sLo7gylUq6

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DevOps for improving productivity and software reliability


Now-a-days, DevOps is very popular buzzword in the IT industry and is gaining good traction by companies to adopt DevOps culture and practices to improve software delivery and reliability.

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e-Zest successfully sponsors the Global DevOps Bootcamp, 2017

The Global DevOps Bootcamp takes place once a year on venues all over the world. It is built on the foundation of local organizers and locals. This time the Global DevOps Bootcamp was organized by e-Zest Solutions in Pune. It provided a global platform for different communities and professionals passionate about DevOps on the Microsoft stack to come together to learn about the latest trends. Professionals collaborated and shared knowledge around the DevOps methodology and various Microsoft tools such as Visual Studio, Azure and Xamarin in this event.

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Why DevOps?

Building software is a team game. It requires collaboration of various stakeholders from business and technology functions. Even when the software is getting developed, the process of building software is not immune to misunderstanding among various stakeholders in the system. Rather, it is one of the top reasons for software project failures.

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