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What’s new in JMeter 3.0?

Kishore Bhamare May 19, 2016

JMeter JMeter 3.0

The Apache Software Foundation has released JMeter Version 3.0 with several new features and improvements.

Capture-4.pngApache JMeter has a new logo and icons have also been refreshed to give a more modern style and make them more meaningful. This release brings a lot of new features (over 100) and fixes a lot of bugs (over 60).

Let’s take a quick look at some of the features introduced in the newest version of Apache JMeter:

  1. New shortcuts
  • Add most used elements (Ctrl+0 … Ctrl+9)
  • Also added cut, copy, paste and duplicate shortcuts key.


  1. New JSON Post Processor to better extract data from JSON content using user friendly JSON-PATH syntax.
  1. New validation feature, in one click run a selection of Thread Groups with 1 user, no pause and 1 iteration.


  1. JSR223 Test Elements do not require a Cache Compilation Key anymore.
  1. Introduction of Sample Timeout feature
    1. This new Sample Timeout Pre-Processor allows you to apply a Timeout on the elements that are in its scope
  1. Simplified HTTP Request UI 
    1. A new "Advanced" tab has been added to HTTP Request to simplify configuration. The file upload feature has been moved into a dedicated tab. This increases the space available for parameters in UI and simplifies the UX.
    2. You can now configure Source Address (IP Spoofing like feature) and "Save response as MD5 hash" in Advanced Tab


  1. Listener:
  • View Results Tree to allow searching for text / regexp in Request/Responses/Headers/Cookies/… This will help in correlation and Test plans creation
  • New Reporting Feature generating dynamic Graphs in HTML pages (APDEX, Summary report and Graphs)
  • GraphiteBackendListener has a new Server Hits metric.
  • Summariser displays a more readable duration
    • Now duration are display in the format hours:minutes:seconds 
  • Backend Listener allows you to define sampler list as a regular expression


Download the new JMeter Version 3.0 and explore the changes.

Note: JMeter 3.0 requires Java 7 or later to run.

Reference: http://jmeter.apache.org/

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