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Kishore Bhamare

Kishore works as a Software Test Engineer at e-Zest. His expertise lies in performance testing. While he is extremely passionate about performance testing and automation testing, his other hobbies include listening to music, travelling and wildlife photography.

Recent Posts by Kishore Bhamare:

How to simulate network bandwidth in JMeter?

The rise of the smartphone and easy connectivity to the internet has made access to information easier with most of them accessing websites and web applications from their smartphones.

Topics: JMeter Apache Jmeter apache

How to read special characters from CSV in JMeter?

How to read special characters from CSV in JMeter
In performance testing, you may come across a scenario where you want to read data from CSV file and post that data in HTTP request which contains any of the following special characters:

  • Ceña
  • Dr. Bosé
  • St. Edward's University
  • Robert Hermès of Paris Inc.,
  • Noticiero Univisión
Topics: JMeter

How to upload images in JMeter?

In performance testing scenarios, you might come up with image file uploading-downloading functionality in any web application. In this blog, I will explain to you how we can upload different image files in JMeter.
Topics: JMeter

What’s New in Apache JMeter 5.0?

A new Apache JMeter version has been released today, September 21, 2018 - version 5.0
(Revision: r1841526). 5.0 version has many impactful changes to user experience and bug fixes.

Below are the new and most significant features that have been added and what we need to know about the JMeter 5.0 version:
Topics: For Developers JMeter JMeter 5.0

Ghost Inspector- the Scriptless Automation

Automation testing comes with a fair bit of command over programing skills. The Test Engineer needs to be well versed with the basics of programming concepts. ‘Ghost Inspector’ relieves you from any such efforts towards learning the same! It uses a ‘scriptless’ approach for automated test cases wherein you just need to install a plugin to “record” your actions over a case.

Topics: ghost Inspector Automation testing

3 Simple ways to a JMeter Script

3 Simple ways to a JMeter Script

The Apache JMeter is basically used to measure performance of web applications with static and dynamic resources. With the help of Apache JMeter we can create virtual users, while simulating heavy load on servers, network or test objects. We can also analyse the performance of the application under different load conditions.

Topics: Apache Jmeter Blazemeter

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