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What’s New in Apache JMeter 5.0?

Kishore Bhamare Sep 21, 2018

JMeter For Developers JMeter 5.0

A new Apache JMeter version has been released today, September 21, 2018 - version 5.0
(Revision: r1841526). 5.0 version has many impactful changes to user experience and bug fixes.

Below are the new and most significant features that have been added and what we need to know about the JMeter 5.0 version:

1) Sampler: HTTP Request

  • Multipart/form-data requests now support PUT, DELETE methods for HTTP.
  • Now it is possible to send a JSON Body with attached file.
  • Parameters entered in ‘Parameters’ Tab are now used in body instead of being ignored.

2) Sampler: Flow Control Action

Loop breaking and Loop switching to next iteration is possible using ‘Flow Control Sampler’

3) Post Processor: XPath2 Extractor

XPath 2.0 support added in a new element called XPath2 extractor, providing easier XML namespaces handling, up to date XPath syntax and better performances

4) Listener

The request and response headers/body, are clearly separated to allow us to better inspect requests and responses. You can also search in all those tabs for a particular value

5) Search

‘Search’ feature improvements added to allow iterations in the tree over search results and do necessary replacements through Next/Previous/Replace/Replace/Find buttons

6) Functions

“__threadGroupName” has been introduced to get ThreadGroup name

7) Non Test Element: HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder

Recording feature improvement to provide a popup that is always on top when you navigate in browser, allowing you to name transactions while you navigate in your application

8) File -> Restart

Now we can restart JMeter from menu

In addition, bugs fixes and security patches added, new functions added and more elements were improved.

Courtesy: https://jmeter.apache.org

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