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Wearables- I Do, Do I?

Madhavi Vaidya Sep 25, 2014

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Wearables are undoubtedly here to stay. After having made a big splash already over the year, this technology is growing each day in terms of its innovative efficacy and limitless possibilities. Unstoppable and absolutely in vogue with the generation of high end technology users, wearables are rather on their way to creating history.

Already being quoted as the ‘bleeding edge technology’, there is much to look forward to in terms of newness, convenience, staying ahead of the league- all bundled into one gadget. This exciting phase in the virtual world sees 2014 as yet another year of the wearables. Moving on from the introductory glasses and watches, its time consumers now experience the power of wearables in a whole new way. While Google is already readying and pushing for Glass 2, the market is ready to take on devices such as the smart rings and even embedded sensor shirts, whoa!

If cars have offered us the convenience of travel, why not make them as human as possible? Wearables fitted in your car are surely going to be here as the next chick-on-the-block phenomenon in the league of wearable technology. Right from sensing the stress levels of a driver and automatically switching on to soothing music to cure it, wearables are not stopping at it now. We truly are diving into a whole new world that may make life simple, however the raising concerns of safety on a more personal level cannot be ignored too.

With the ‘internet of things’ on rise, huge amount of our data is going to be made accessible in the most personal and intensely intimidating way. So here’s the hitch- how much of your privacy are you ready to trade for the mere convenience and an existence that offers technology as robots that serve you so well?

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