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The Queen Product

Madhavi Vaidya Mar 12, 2014

Software Product Development Team Software Solutions Technology

Queen!!! That’s how the recently released film is addressed or being written about, with exclamations and adjectives to describe its finesse, its genuineness and the grip of crisp storytelling and flawless direction. It is not much of a common scene in Hindi cinema at least in today’s times that a film is received and applauded with such endearing love and acceptability. But the magic has happened and the film already has the cash registers ringing in hoards of profits.

I, for one, tried to draw a parallel between the film as a product and any other product in our everyday life. After all, every film is an end product of a lot of effort and hard work that is eventually sold to audiences and is then left to the audience-consumer to decide its fate. The success or failure of such a product then lies in the hands of the audience-the consumers. Right, well, not quite right. The fate of any product is unknowingly sealed at the very beginning stage, when the idea is conceived to create the very product.

A lot depends on how convinced you are about the product that you are about to create, a lot depends on how consistent you have been in nurturing the product at every step. A lot depends on how much you have recognized the needs of the market, the pulse of your consumer before envisioning the product. And lastly a lot depends on who is the chosen sales team that is given the responsibility of selling the product. Are they genuinely interested in the product? Are they even half as convinced as you are about the product and its workability? Or is it some kind of a job that they are doing, just to fill in their coffers by getting rid of the product (read that selling) to ‘some’ customer.

Going by the success of the film, it goes without saying that the writer, the director and the actors of the film were convinced in the whole idea right from its inception. End result- The film sells like hot cakes. Any genuine product when sold by people who are genuinely interested in it will be a hit in the market. I truly believe that the best salesmen are the ones who have created the product themselves. The huge responsibility of selling a product to the audience should be taken over only by its owners and more so by the creators of the product; for they are truly the ones that understand the real value, the vision and the whole need of the product in the market. Nonetheless if this is not a practical solution, than have someone who genuinely loves his or her job –of selling.

So while we draw inspiration from the film’s success, it is time we apply it to product making and selling, in order to make it a big hit. It is never too late to begin in the right direction.

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