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Madhavi Vaidya

Creating unique and meaningful content through various channels of communication, defines my role at e-Zest. It evokes a sense of accomplishment in me, after having delivered content that has the potential of making a positive impact on the brand and eventually the business of the organization. My hobbies include writing short stories, reading, dancing, watching English movies and strolling for long hours in book shops!

Recent Posts by Madhavi Vaidya:

Wearables- I Do, Do I?

Wearables are undoubtedly here to stay. After having made a big splash already over the year, this technology is growing each day in terms of its innovative efficacy and limitless possibilities. Unstoppable and absolutely in vogue with the generation of high end technology users, wearables are rather on their way to creating history.

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Why should I write (blogs)?

I have always wondered what it must be like for a technical person to be immersed in, almost neck-deep in developing, programming, testing, whatever the nature of the work it is, that demands so many hours of his/her life each day. Of course, unless there is passion, one would never be able to stick through the tides of highs and lows throughout any task. However, amid all this it is really an amazing gesture when these programmers oblige to write a blog! When they are ready to spare time for something that (may not be) their forte, but they still love to share their ‘know-hows’ through writing. I often wonder as to what must go through the first time writers/bloggers mind when he/she is asked to write a blog!!!

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The Queen Product

Queen!!! That’s how the recently released film is addressed or being written about, with exclamations and adjectives to describe its finesse, its genuineness and the grip of crisp storytelling and flawless direction. It is not much of a common scene in Hindi cinema at least in today’s times that a film is received and applauded with such endearing love and acceptability. But the magic has happened and the film already has the cash registers ringing in hoards of profits.

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The Real Big thing about Big Data

It is one thing to have choices, but it is another to have too many of them! In a world full of too many choices, the chaos is evident with chances of leaving out what is important, instead recycle things that are junk. This fact naturally is seen extending itself everywhere and now the IT industry is seen dealing with the excess of data and the crucial aspect of managing it. Yes, the big term, a buzzword ‘Big Data’ has indeed been making the news and has been creating quite an uproar with the magnanimous amount of data explosion that is predicted to impact the overall productivity, growth and innovation in the industry in the coming years.

Topics: business intelligence analytics Technology

Reinventing the Importance of Good Content

What would the world do without communication; would it be the same place as it is today? Although this may seem like a stupid question, communication in today’s developed world is highly undermined and underutilized in many ways than one can imagine. But not any longer! Talking of the digital age that we live in today, content is naturally the unflinching contender, which best describes this age as also being one of the most influential factors responsible for empowering this tech-age.

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