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Tech Digest – Week 14, 2013

Corporate Apr 06, 2013

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OpenStack offerings are based on Cloud on Cloud concept

Rackspace and NASA teamed together to build OpenStack, open source cloud platform. Today, Rackspace is offering its cloud services based on an underlying cloud which is OpenStack. The team believes that it makes sense to run a software application on a platform that spans of several servers with all cloud benefits. And since OpenStack is also software it can be used to run itself.

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One-fifth of BB10 apps are Android ports

BB10’s development kit includes the BlackBerry runtime for Android which is an emulation engine enabling developers to repackage apps originally written for Android. And this has paid off, as today 20% of BB10 apps are actually Android ports. Developers who had initially planned simply to port the application have now committed to build full-fledged BB10 apps. And on the other hand, the end users would get more and more apps to play with.

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‘Big data’ is the big opportunity for Cloud vendors

With more and more business activities getting automated and huge amount of data being created that is ripe for productive analysis, it have value for big data to chip in. As business applications are steadily moving to cloud, the vendors are getting big data opportunity in three areas – enabling, analyzing and productizing big data.

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Social collaboration initiatives needs purpose

According to Gartner, users won’t draw to the initiative unless it has a definite purpose. After analyzing social collaboration initiatives of more than 1000 organizations, Gartner has concluded that only 10% has got success as most of interviewed organization followed ‘provide and pray’ approach which is a worst practice.

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