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Technology Stories you cannot miss - Week 47, 2017

Corporate Nov 24, 2017

Big Data Technology Enterprise Mobility Enterprise Collaboration Cloud

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The benefits of multi-cloud computing

Business model using multiple cloud services to house business functions and features has an impressive list of advantages. When you use multi-cloud architecture to power your website, it makes your company’s services resilient against attacks because even if one cloud goes down, others remain available to take the load until your service recovers.

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BYOD meets enterprise mobility

Employee personal devices and those owned by third-party contractors often fall outside of traditional Mobile Device Management (MDM) strategies that make it difficult to provide the people who use their own devices at work with the same access to corporate applications and data as those with MDM-overseen devices. To secure and enable unmanaged devices (those without MDM) you need to take a different approach.

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Five Big Data trends that influence AI

Big Data combined with artificial intelligence is helping businesses across industries to understand evolving consumer behavior and preferences, gain intelligence and apply those insights when creating strategies. Big Data has reached an all new high as disruptive and innovative digital technologies push businesses to adapt quickly in a rapidly changing consumer market.

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Why IT leaders shouldn't underestimate business messaging?

While voice and email are still popularly used legacy communications, business messaging also adds value to the collaboration process. According to this collaboration expert, IT decision-makers underestimate the business value of messaging in the workplace.

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