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Technology stories- Week 43, 2018

Corporate Oct 26, 2018

Cloud Enterprise Mobility Big data Digital Commerce

Tech Digest e-Zest
e-Commerce and the race for voice search

Smart speakers are presenting new opportunities for voice search. Since the market is still fresh, this is the right time to strike with the nail. Those who act now, and venture into voice search will benefit most.

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5 reasons manufacturing SMEs need cloud more than ever

Implementing ERP software is a proven solution for running a business efficiently and effectively. One of the most important benefits of the cloud deployment model is that it frees the manufacturing enterprise or busy job shop from the responsibility of maintaining and managing most of the application hardware, software, and infrastructure associated with ERP systems.

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AI, Machine Learning and the future of enterprise mobility

Organization’s diverse mobile workforce will benefit to a great extent from AI, as firms would be able to apply machine learning and other cognitive technologies to gather insights into activity streams of their employees and end users. They will be able to improve their operational processes and user experiences as these patterns of behavior are identified and then analyzed by the companies.

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How small banks can make use of big data?

Smaller banks should rely on data to help them compete in an increasingly online banking world. Statistics show that 42% of small businesses fail because there’s no market demand for their services or products. Smaller or community banks often fall into this category as customers want more ATMs, online banking options, and a bevy of financial services. With data, they can offer a customized, local approach that many individuals still desire.

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