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Technology stories that are worth- Week 51, 2018

Corporate Dec 21, 2018

Big Data Enterprise Mobility Cloud Digital Commerce

AI is vital to revenue growth for digital commerce firms

Digital commerce is fertile ground for AI technologies, thanks to an abundance of multidimensional data in both customer-facing and back-office operations," said Sandy Shen, research director at Gartner. Gartner also predicts that, by 2020, AI will be used by at least 60% of digital commerce organisations and that 30% of digital commerce revenue growth will be attributable to AI technologies.

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Trends shaping the cloud computing space

In this IT era, the expectations from cloud computing have evolved. Executives are looking at cloud than just a mere tool to leverage their computing infrastructure. In the upcoming years, the use of cloud will be employed more into providing higher performance and automation to the existing systems.

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BYOD best practices to increase productivity and reduce dangers

The era of mobility is upon us and has been so for quite some time now. Enterprises now allow people the flexibility to perform work from their mobile devices. But how do you make the best use of BYOD?

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Big Data in quality control and testing

Big data is already well established for quality control and testing purposes. But it’s likely the technology and the respective tools to harness big data will become increasingly prominent as innovations progress and businesses explore ways to deliver high-quality, well-tested products to customers within reasonable time frames. With big data, consumers can benefit from enhanced products, and companies spend less time and money on irrelevant testing.

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Making a case for collaboration within the enterprise

Enterprise collaboration helps employees to share information in real-time, solve business problems, and improve customer satisfaction. The question is, how can enterprises build a business case for collaboration that helps them to harness the benefits, and avoid any potential risks?

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