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Technology stories that are worth - Week 30, 2018

Corporate Jul 27, 2018

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Tech digest week 30
e-Commerce getting trendy

According to a 2018 Internet Trends Report, online shopping makes up 13% of retail sales worldwide. Although e-commerce has steadily won a larger share of physical retail over the last decade, it doesn’t mean online companies can rest on their heels. There is more that consumers are demanding.

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What to expect from Cloud in 2019?

CIO’s should be prepared for coming up with new techniques to ease the experience of their customers. The article lists four trends they should start looking at, in order to stand straight in the event of a heavy Cloud storm.

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Making your BYOD and IT systems efficient

BYOD has triggered a constructive debate about the security of connected IoT networks. Since these networks are made accessible remotely, either through portals or point of contact (POC) tags, securing the devices from attacks is a concern for organizations.

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Big Data holds the key to Healthcare

The copy includes an illustrative depiction of how big data can best be leveraged for health care. Data is the lifeline of organisations, and healthcare is no different. Life sciences have a lot of data in their control. It is time to put all stored information to work.

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Managing Office 365 for Mobile devices

Office 365 is a cornerstone of office work, but managing it for mobile users can be challenging. To enhance the user experience, IT can choose the option to remember trusted devices for Office 365. Find other such tips in the article.

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