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Technology stories that are worth - Week 09, 2018

Corporate Mar 02, 2018

Big Data Enterprise Mobility Enterprise Collaboration Cloud

What can you expect from Cloud Computing in 2018?

Cloud computing has played an integral role in the transformation of many businesses over the last decade. Companies’ digital transformation initiatives have come a long way, but as cloud platforms continue to innovate and as machine learning and artificial intelligence become increasingly efficient, businesses need to carefully evaluate what is right for them in the long term.

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Why does an enterprise IT team need to implement Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)?

IT is always looking ahead to anticipate what's next. Unified Endpoint Management system helps enable a single unified workspace with easy, consistent collaboration and information access from any device. Forecasts indicate the UEM market will see unprecedented growth through 2020, boasting a 42.9% compound annual growth rate and leaping from $624.9 million in 2015 to $3.73 billion by decade’s end.

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How Big Data impacts AI?

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics are two of the most promising technology paths that businesses can take in the future, to make intelligent decisions based on past business knowledge. Big Data is also speeding up the AI development process and there will be more integration of AI technology in everyday lives. We have only just begun to explore the possibilities of a Big Data driven AI-powered world. Time will tell what these technologies hold for our future.

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When SharePoint meets IoT

SharePoint is not directly affected by IoT. But from a software perspective, there’s minor impact as to how the system operates. When these two come together they will deliver business benefits.

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