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Tech Stories Making the Rounds- Week 44, 2018

Corporate Nov 02, 2018

Big data Enterprise Mobility Cloud Digital Commerce

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What's hot in Digital Commerce?

By 2022, at least 5% of online orders will be predicted and initiated by artificial intelligence, according to Gartner. AI will impact digital commerce the most in next few years.

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5 Cloud benefits for SMEs

The cloud has opened doors in the small and midsize business sector, providing the capability for massive information processing tasks for companies of all sizes. Data from a recent Gartner survey shows that 62% of small and midsize businesses are already using cloud computing, while 33% are either planning on implementing the technology or evaluating how it could best be used by their organization.

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Enterprise mobility is key to Digital Transformation

Mobility is the most important attribute of the digital transformation roadmap. Enterprises these days are using mobile devices and mobile apps to solve business problems. The key is making apps secured for enterprises that are also easy for users to learn, can be developed quickly, and can leverage device innovations.

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Transforming Business Models with Big Data

Data is predicted to grow manifold over the next seven years, bringing a raft of opportunities and challenges for businesses across a multitude of sectors. If embraced properly, it can provide infinite benefits.

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