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Tech stories making the rounds - Week 32, 2015

Corporate Aug 07, 2015

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Technology Trends week 32


Microsoft brings updates to Azure

Microsoft recently announced the general availability of Azure Data Factory (ADF). ADF is essentially a cloud service for data integration which will aid in the process of gathering data from multiple sources for analysis. Businesses can use ADF to compose the existing data processing services into data pipelines which are highly available and managed in the cloud.

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Big Data for Supply Chain Efficiency

Data collection, increased computing power along with analytics has created opportunities for businesses to build massive, detailed models which can cover everything from raw material costs to import costs. These models can be used to increase efficiencies in sourcing, scheduling and routing, Experts predict that it can cut supply chain costs by up to 15%. However, companies need to think big.

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Are mobile apps and websites counterparts or competitors?

The combination of business presence on a website and mobile demands an adequate balance between the business and user needs. Mobile apps bring the big advantage of a personalized set of features, something not possible always with websites. Users feel a sense of control with mobile apps.

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Social Collaboration can help organizations save money

According to a study by SAP, social collaboration technologies can help save around $30,000 per employee. This money is usually lost to inefficiencies such as responding to email along with searching and gathering business information. Collaboration technology enables information sharing in real-time leading to better business results.

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