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e-Zest Announces Strategic Partnership with iGrafx to Bring Advanced Process Intelligence Solutions

Corporate Dec 05, 2023

Strategic Partnership iGrafx Process Optimization Process Intelligence Solutions

[Pune, December 4th, 2023] – e-Zest, a distinguished expert in Process Intelligence, is delighted to unveil a strategic partnership with iGrafx, a global leader in Process Intelligence solutions. This collaboration signifies a powerful integration of e-Zest's proven proficiency in business process optimization with iGrafx's Process360 Live platform.

Process Optimization, a foundational element of effective business process management, lies at the core of e-Zest's capabilities. e-Zest’s systematic approach involves analyzing and improving business processes to achieve maximum efficiency, effectiveness, and quality. The partnership capitalizes on e-Zest's expertise in Process Intelligence, covering data gathering, ROI analysis, automation opportunities, and process optimization.

Sunil Dane, Founder and President of e-Zest, says, “We are very excited about this strategic partnership and are looking forward to strengthening our offerings in the Process Intelligence domain. This collaboration will significantly help global enterprises in achieving their goals of Process Intelligence, efficiency, and optimization.”

Noteworthy among e-Zest's contributions is the development of a sophisticated Process Intelligence application, capable of fetching data from diverse sources and presenting processes in a user-friendly manner. This application incorporates advanced features such as analysis graphs, complex filters, and a highlight mechanism based on process characteristics. It facilitates the analysis of both manual and automated processes, featuring a user-friendly dashboard for organizational savings and ROI figures.

The partnership designates e-Zest as an 'Authorized iGrafx Partner,' fostering a close collaboration with the iGrafx team to implement cutting-edge process mining and design products. With profound expertise in the Process Intelligence domain, this partnership is committed to delivering solutions that enable organizations to continuously optimize critical processes. The shared goal is an ongoing reduction in waste, increased productivity, optimized ROI, and ultimately, the improvement of an organization's bottom line.

"We are thrilled to embark on this strategic partnership with e-Zest, bringing together iGrafx's Process360 Live platform and e-Zest's exceptional Process Intelligence capabilities. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in redefining process optimization and delivering unparalleled value to organizations seeking continuous improvement.", says Bryan DeVore, North America Channel Sales Manager at iGrafx.

To learn more about the iGrafx Partner Program and to join, visit their website
For media inquiries, please contact:
Janki Sampat, Head of Marketing and Industry Relations, e-Zest Solutions
Email: janki.sampat@e-zest.com

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