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How to shut down your Virtual Machine if it is idle for 'X' hours on the basis of CPU Utilization Percentage

A Virtual Machine (VM) is an environment that replicates a physical machine, having its own allocation of processing unit, storage, and networking interface. ...

By Sourabh Majali Oct 05, 2020

Building Cloud First Apps Using Microsoft Azure

The COVID-19 pandemic required most of the organizations to adopt a remote working environment. This made people realize the importance of Cloud platforms and ...

By Corporate Jul 06, 2020

Virtual Machine Scale Set in Azure Microsoft

Virtual Machine Scale Set, an interesting service offered by Microsoft Azure, helps to create and manage a group of identical, load balancer Virtual Machines ...

By Surbhi Agarwal Jan 16, 2020

Integration of your Web App with Virtual Network

This blog describes how to connect Web App with Virtual Network. This integration allows your WebApp to get access to all resources in your virtual network. ...

By Sourabh Majali Aug 29, 2019

Steps to implement Microsoft Azure Front Door Service

An Azure Front Door Service provides the management and monitoring of web traffic in an optimized way to extract the best performance and protects against ...

By Sourabh Majali Aug 27, 2019

Implementing Web Application Firewall (WAF) to an Application

Why do we need WAF?

Attacks against web servers are the most common among the issues in cybersecurity. Servers are often connected to a broader bandwidth, ...

By Sourabh Majali Aug 26, 2019

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