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Tech stories handpicked for you - Week 22, 2017

Corporate Jun 02, 2017

Office 365 Big Data trends Enterprise Mobility Cloud Adoption SharePoint Framework Infonomics

5 points to remember while securely storing the federal data?

The president of the federal agencies recently announced their move to cloud. Yes, cloud might seem appealing to them but here are the questions related to data security, they must ask the cloud providers before making this huge move.

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How enterprise mobility will affect the enterprises?

The mobile space is rising tremendously. Today, every small task right from texting to socializing happens through mobile. This wave has equally transformed the enterprise space as well. According to the industry experts, 61 percent of employees are dependent on mobile for work related activities.

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What is infonomics in big data and its importance in businesses?

The world is on the verge of infonomics, a process where economic significance is tied to the information. This implies that the management and measurement of information by considering it an important asset.

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The impact of SharePoint framework on Office 365 app development

The new SharePoint framework has transformed the application development paradigm. The earlier versions of SharePoint were far away from cloud-first and mobile-first approach. But today, the new framework resonates all the modern features essential for successful and secure application development.

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