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Tech stories handpicked for you- Week 29, 2018

Corporate Jul 20, 2018

Big data Enterprise Mobility Enterprise Collaboration Cloud eCommerce

Tech digest e-Zest
How technology is changing e-commerce?

Shopping from home is more convenient than ever because of technological advancements and customer demands. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Predictive Analytics, and Visual Recognition technology are the forerunners in the race for innovation in e-commerce.

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The cloud in HR

Cloud is transforming the HR industry at light speed. SMEs in particular have adopted the technology for most of their HR functions as cloud computing simplifies and streamlines a great portion of the processes like talent-acquisition, retention, and compensation methods. The success of the company relies on how it adopts and utilizes cloud computing.

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Small cells aiding in enterprise mobility

With cell phones becoming popular as go-to devices for work, they are also creating a challenge for connectivity. When we’re outside, there is no guarantee that our data connection is sufficient. In office buildings where we use our phones the most—it can be hard sometimes to find a strong signal. And as we connect more devices to the internet, the added stress on our networks makes these problems even more difficult. This is where small cells come to the rescue of the enterprise.

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Leveraging Big Data in Airlines

A number of carriers are giving gate agents and flight attendants access to more customer data in hopes of giving passengers more personalized service. The airlines are also using Big Data in other functions of their business. Data collected from passengers is therefore being employed to make their flight experience more pleasant.

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Making a case for collaboration within the enterprise

As an organization you need to have collaboration under control so that your customers can get a unified experience if you intend to preserve brand reputation and achieve business goals.

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