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Tech Digest – Week 48, 2012

Corporate Nov 30, 2012

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Who will win the Google-Amazon-Microsoft cloud computing price war?

There is a good old fashioned war going on between Google, Microsoft and Amazon as the trio is lowering prices for their Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud computing platforms in order to attract developers. So if our business is running on the Web, it's a great time to jump into cloud computing and reap the benefits. For startups and other companies not tied to legacy platforms, the time is right to get a good deal on building and running websites and client-side applications on any one of three state-of-the-art data centers.

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Where are Big Data and BI heading in 2013?

As per the Analyst's predictions for 2013, cloud BI and in-memory technologies will dominate. There will be strong usage of these technologies. Also new use cases for Big Data applications and more business collaborations will be witnessed in the coming year.

IDC Head of Research Matthew Oostveen predicted an increase in the uptake of in-memory analytics and processing technologies that will enable organizations to churn out information more quickly.

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Gartner sees cloud computing, mobile development putting IT on edge

Industry analyst group Gartner Inc. describes that the consumer-driven forces which challenge enterprise IT and application development are forming a link, a sort of connected group phenomena, which is highly disruptive. Cloud computing, web information, mobile devices and social media innovations are converging to dramatically change modern organizations and their central IT shops.

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Microsoft to deliver SharePoint apps for Windows 8, Windows Phone, iOS starting in early 2013

Microsoft is set to roll out two new companion apps for SharePoint by early next year; the apps will work on Windows 8, Windows phone and iOS devices. The officials at Microsoft are making available prototypes of the Windows Phone 8 version of one of the upcoming SharePoint applications which will be available in early 2013.

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