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Azure everywhere workshop by Microsoft and e-Zest

Are you looking forward to discover how Microsoft Azure can help in scaling your business and provide flexibility by making your IT systems productive and agile? e-Zest being the gold partner of Microsoft and partner for Microsoft Azure provides an excellent opportunity for new and existing users to understand how to deploy, migrate to Azure cloud and improve its utilization. The detailed workshop conducted by e-Zest is aimed at providing guidance to our customers to benefit from Microsoft Azure cloud.

Workshop conducted by Azure cloud experts from e-Zest’s Microsoft center excellence team

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10 most common mistakes while managing Azure cloud

The process of managing the Azure cloud can run smoother if enterprises or individuals avoid these 10 mistakes.

Topics: Windows Azure Microsoft Azure Azure Cloud

Security mechanisms in Azure

AWS offers a security group for virtual machines/subnets. These security groups follow rules which allow/deny access to certain IPs and ports. Similarly, Azure also provides Azure Endpoints with Manage ACL (Access Control List). These endpoints allow/deny accessing VMs from desired IP addresses for certain ports.

Topics: Windows Azure cloud computing Technology

Difference between Azure VM states - Stopped and Stopped (Deallocated)

Topics: Windows Azure Azure cloud computing Technology

Tutorial: Log management on Azure

Microsoft provides a useful service called Azure management service on the old Azure portal (manage.windowsazure.com). Under the Azure management service tab, you can find all the logs for activity done for the subscription by admin and tenants.

Topics: Windows Azure Azure cloud computing Technology

To create remote Azure VM with PowerShell (automation)

Create the VM with pre-configuration such as installed windows features and roles.

Topics: Windows Azure Microsoft Azure Azure cloud computing Technology

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