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TECH DIGEST – Week 41, 2014

Corporate Oct 18, 2014

cloud computing Technology Android 5.0 Lollipop and collaboration GE's Big Data Enterprise Mobility

IBM, SAP tie up to offer cloud computing to enterprises

Two of the tech industry's biggest giants - IBM and SAP have tied up to offer cloud computing services to enterprises. This only reinforces the growing clout of cloud computing in the enterprise space. According to the deal, IBM will provide cloud infrastructure services to SAP which will run its HANA Enterprise Cloud on them. For IBM, this is the third big partnership this year after tie-ups with Apple and Xamarin. For SAP, it boosts their existing strategy to offer their applications worldwide.

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Best Practices for Big Data success

Big Data projects are not easy to execute. However, if you capitalize on the best practices for Big Data, it can help you achieve your business goals. A big mistake enterprises make while jumping into Big Data projects is the lack of a defined business objective. It is important to know what you want from the Big Data project in order to set up an appropriate infrastructure. It is also crucial to know this so that you can aim for an achievable objective instead of wasting your investment on technologies that won't meet your needs. Another thing enterprises should ensure is a good collaboration between business leaders and IT.

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Google confirms release of Android 5.0 Lollipop

Google has finally announced the release details for Android 5.0 Lollipop. The most significant aspect of Android L is it's Material Design, a new design interface which will emphasize flatter icons and physics-based animations that make the Android platform smoother and deliver a more consistent user experience. A new lock screen will let you take action on notifications without opening an app. The new version of Android is also optimized for 64-bit architecture which can handle more memory. The bunch of improvements will increase the batter life of Android devices as well.

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Collaboration can save your business

Many companies have still not recovered from the global recession. For the survivors too, there are several improvements required to exceed the 2007 levels of success. Enterprises typically struggle with cutting costs, increasing efficiency and satisfying clients and employees. Enterprise collaboration software can help companies address these issues. Such collaboration platforms are designed to make business more efficient. These platforms encompass several business solutions rolled into one, acting as a complete portal for all kinds of work.

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