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Tech Highlights - Week 34, 2018

Corporate Aug 24, 2018

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Mobile Phones to be a major driver for e-Commerce

Online shopping has gained momentum thanks to many apps created to make shopping from homes and offices more efficient. The figures are quite telling that people are using their mobiles to shop away.

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Match the cloud with your data centre requirement

Organizations considering to go the cloud route to update their data center should do it with view of future development of systems management providers when selecting a cloud computing deployment model.

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Reduce dangers and increase productivity

Even SMBs have adopted the liberal approach of bring your own device (BYOD), allowing people the flexibility to perform work from their mobile devices. Even in organizations where a formal BYOD program has not been launched, employees continue to bring mobile devices to the workplace and even perform work using them.

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Using big data to improve patient engagement

As more and more sources of healthcare data become available, stakeholders can use big data analytics to truly improve patient engagement. As wearable devices, patient portals, and social media, become more commonplace, both patients and providers now have access to more big data than ever before. However, all this information may do more harm than good if clinicians and patients do not have meaningful tools for interpreting, sharing, and interacting with this data.

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Collaboration lessons for Digital Transformation

Why do companies often fail to implement the operating model that’s necessary for the digital platform they build? Simply stated, they take a fractured approach to the digital journey. Although the executives say the operating model is changing, they don’t build a common vision that allows it to happen.

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