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Technology stories you cannot miss - Week 24, 2017

Corporate Jun 16, 2017

Big Data technologies cloud computing SharePoint Framework Enterprise mobility management

How to accomplish the operating model transformation?

Cloud is not all about storing data, instead it can arm in building a robust cloud infrastructure. With the help of cloud infrastructure, the CIOs can bring in operating model transformation. But how?

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Know the important pillars of enterprise mobility

Every organization planning to implement enterprise mobility will have different requirements. Furthermore, to implement a successful enterprise mobility program, referring some guidelines might really help. There are numerous factors organization must bear in mind while implementing enterprise mobility.

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Big data transforming the world

Today, every business around the globe has realised the potential of big data. Tech giants such as Google and IBM are leveraging it for seeking competitive insights from huge volumes of data to reshape their businesses, technology and the job of technologist.

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SharePoint Framework extension preview by Microsoft

Recently, Microsoft released the preview version of SharePoint Framework extension for developers. This preview lets the developers to perform additional customizations to SharePoint Modern Pages and Document Libraries.

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