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Tech Digest – Week 36, 2013

Corporate Sep 06, 2013

big data analytics Social collaboration tools Amazon EC2 Amazon S3 the Simple Workflow Service Elastic Beanstalk Technology

Amazon embraces Command Line Interface to 23 services

For the first time Amazon has provided Command Line Interface (CLI) to interact with its 23 services including Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Elastic Beanstalk, the Simple Workflow Service etc. CLI will help developers to write scripts that can automatically activate the services they regularly use.

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Mobile coming out as strong sales tool in Australia

Mobiles and tablets are becoming dominant source of online sales for variety of Australia retailers. It is expected to take over the face-to-face and PC based sales in near future. The Australian retailers are now investing in mobile strategy considering this fact. We believe world will witness the same scenario in coming time.

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Big Data analytics to enhance customer experience for Travel industry

Big Data technologies are being used to analyze and distill social media, analytics and publicly available travel related information to create efficient travel experience. Weather data along with flight performance history is used for predicting delays and past travel experiences thread available publicly are being checked to enhance the personalized travels.

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Social collaboration tools gain ground as organizations refresh IT

Vanson Bourne research concludes an upturn in interest in using social networking tools for business purposes. In the time of recession organizations are looking out for comprehensive IT refresh which is paving way for enterprise collaboration tools. Though senior management is still skeptic about this trend but it is inevitable as market dynamics demand it.

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