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Tech Digest – Week 34, 2012

Corporate Aug 25, 2012

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Microsoft works to challenge Google

As per the recent research Microsoft is working hard to challenge Google’s cloud services. Office 365, has been pitted against Google’s cloud service proving Google to be the authority in the cloud. More interesting is to know what Microsoft is doing to drive hard in the race. It is taking great strides to strengthen its position against Google. This spring, Microsoft added a new platform to the Office 365 suite, lowered prices of all cloud platforms, and even created a “Google Compete” team. Introducing Office 365 for Education did expand Microsoft’s cloud offerings, but Microsoft still has quite a way to go if it wants to cater to as many demographics as Google, which has cloud platforms specifically for business, education, non-profit, and government use. Microsoft also lowered the prices of its existing platforms by 20%. This price drop made the least costly version of Office 365 $48/user/year. Google Apps is an entirely cloud-based solution while Office 365 is a hybrid cloud solution. This means that Google Apps runs completely within the web browser and does not require any additional hardware or software while Office 365 does need some additional installation.

Continue reading at: http://www.cloudtweaks.com/2012/08/microsoft-works-to-challenge-google/

Making Big Data smarter

In today’s tech savvy era whether big data refers to exponentially larger volumes of data, the speed at which new data are being created, or new types of data, responding to the challenges and opportunities of the "data revolution" has become a corporate priority. Organizations are now actively analyzing their documents and content, using text mining and other analytical tools, to detect customer sentiment or to spot compelling trends as they develop. It is not just numbers (structured data) that are the focus of big data scientists now; it is customer activity, corporate actions, social media (such as Facebook and Twitter) patterns, and in-house intranet themes that organizations are mining for new insight and meaning.

Continue reading at: http://tdwi.org/articles/2012/08/07/making-big-data-smarter.aspx

Microsoft reveals Windows RT Who's-Who and What's-What

Microsoft has announced that Asus, Lenovo, Samsung and Dell will unveil tablets based on Windows RT by the time it launches the operating system in October. Windows RT devices will range from ultra-thin products with high-resolution displays to all-in-one PCs with large touchscreen displays to high-power tower PCs fitted with multiple graphics cards and high-performance storage arrays, Microsoft said. They will be offered in a variety of price and feature combinations.

Continue reading at: http://www.technewsworld.com/story/75902.html

Top 5 Social Enterprise technologies for businesses

Our world is becoming more social every day. And while companies like Facebook and Twitter have led the social revolution for consumers, a number of innovative companies are creating social transformation within the enterprise. Social enterprise technology can be described as social software used by businesses to collaborate and share information. It makes sense that this type of collaborative software is growing fast. In fact, the industry is projected to expand from $900 million in 2011 to $6.4 billion in 2016, according to a report. Here are five companies that are leading the way - Jive, Yammer, Kaltura, Salesforce and Oracle.

Continue reading at: http://mashable.com/2012/08/15/business-social-enterprise-technologies/

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