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Prerequisite to understand mobile requirement completely

Aparna Mohod Sep 15, 2014

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Mobile application testing usually needs variety of mobile devices with different capabilities, features and limitations. When it comes to mobile application, end-user always demands better user experience. Usability is an important issue for mobile application than web and Desktop.

Here are some points which will help you to understand the mobile App requirement and points to remember before going to test and develop the mobile app-

  1. Mobile platform for developing the app - Android/ iOS/ Windows Mobile/ Blackberry/ Symbian
  2. Targeted iOS and Android versions
  3. Any specific hardware requirements like memory, camera, CPUs etc.? If yes what are they?
  4. Targeted screen resolution for different platforms
  5. Are we supporting mobile devices only or developing another app for tablets too?
  6. Orientation for mobile/iPad/tablet- Portrait or Landscape
  7. Testing GPS functionality (if map is in the app) and testing of Hardware keys
  8. Network Connectivity Issues – GPRS, 2G, 3G, WiFi, Intermittent internet connectivity or no connectivity
  9. Synching between web and mobile if same app is available for web too
  10. Testing interruptions caused to the mobile app such as, Incoming Calls/ Text messages/ other app notifications/ Storage low/ Battery low/ Battery dead/ No storage/ Flight mode/ intermittent connectivity/ Home screen jump (app in background and foreground)/ Sleep mode.
  11. Testing In-app payment, advertisements and payment gateway integrations.
  12. Performance testing for mobile App
  13. Mobile Application Timezone issues
  14. Testing Social network integration
  15. Testing hardware connectivity – Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC, USB – Device recognition
  16. Google Play / Apple App store integration and supported device list/restriction

For Mobile application security testing, one needs to consider the following queries,

  • Is your application storing the payment information or the credit card details?
  • Does your application use all of the secure network protocols?
  • Does the application ask for more permissions than it needs?
  • Does your application use any security certificates?
  • Does your application use a Device ID as an identifier?
  • Does your application require a user to be authenticated before they are allowed to access their data?

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