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Exploratory testing assistant for Chrome- Bug Magnet

Aparna Mohod Feb 10, 2015

Testing Technology

In exploratory testing, testers follow an approach that allows them to apply their abilities and skills in more influential fashion. Testers have to understand the application first by exploring the application and come up with test scenarios based on the needs.

Bug Magnet is a tool which provides convenient access to common problematic values and edge cases. This helps you keep them handy and access them conveniently during exploratory testing sessions. All you need to do is right-click on the editable field!

This extension introduces only a tiny overhead per page (<1k), and has no third party library dependencies, works completely passive and does not interfere with our web application execution in any way.

It is an open source tool. Main features of Bug Magnet are:

  • Easy access to common boundaries and edge cases for exploratory testing
  • Works on text areas, input fields and content editable DIVs
  • Works in Chrome alone

The easiest way to install the extension is from the Chrome Web store. After installing the tool, just right-click on any editable item on the page and you will see a Bug Magnet submenu. Click an item there and it will be inserted into the editable field.

It is as useful as available tool for exploratory testing.

Happy testing!!

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