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Aparna Mohod

Aparna Mohod

Aparna has completed her B. Tech in Chemical Engineering from UDCT. She works as a Test lead at e-Zest and has a total experience of 7.5 years in IT. Aparna is a certified professional in CSTE and ISTQB technologies. As a test lead at e-Zest her prime responsibilities include, handling testing activities within the domain of Media & Entertainment, Healthcare and Learning. Aparna loves reading novels and spending time with her family.

Recent Posts by Aparna Mohod:

How Pareto chart helps in continuous process improvement?

The Pareto chart is a test reporting tool. The Pareto chart graphically shows where significant problems and causes are in a process. Pareto Chart is one of the most effective tools for management and can use to identify steps needed for setting priorities. This way, the management can find out the severity and causes of the problems and can prioritize tasks, risks, activities and causes.

Topics: Testing Technology

Why test cases are so important?

Test case writing is a major activity and considered as one of the most important parts of software testing. It is used by the testing team, development team as well as the management. If there is no documentation for an application, we can use test case as a baseline document.

Topics: Testing Technology

Exploratory testing assistant for Chrome- Bug Magnet

In exploratory testing, testers follow an approach that allows them to apply their abilities and skills in more influential fashion. Testers have to understand the application first by exploring the application and come up with test scenarios based on the needs.

Topics: Testing Technology

Agile Testing Helps Make Testing Visible

When we say agile, two terms comes to mind immediately - Extreme programming and Scrum. Extreme Programming is a software development method or framework that follows the agile values and principles. It has a specific set of practices to be followed.

Topics: Testing Technology

Prerequisite to understand mobile requirement completely

Mobile application testing usually needs variety of mobile devices with different capabilities, features and limitations. When it comes to mobile application, end-user always demands better user experience. Usability is an important issue for mobile application than web and Desktop.

Topics: mobile development services mobile requirement Mobile Development Technology

Software Delivery management- On Time, On-Budget Delivery

Organizations spend quite a fortune on processes and technology to improve project success rates. However it’s been observed that most projects fail at their launch, because the original requirement criteria were not met. Some project failures lead to delays in product launches. There are some aspects that need to be considered for products and services to get consistently delivered on time, on budget and with the highest quality

Topics: software delivery software delivery management Product Engineering Technology

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