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Microsoft Inspire - A place to be in every July!

Girish Chandra Jul 04, 2017

Microsoft Microsoft Inspire

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Friends, last year I attended Microsoft World Partner Conference (now known as Microsoft Inspire) in Toronto. It was full of energy. Watching CEO Satya sharing the new Microsoft, the new vision that he is set out for, listening to CEO Jeff Immelt from GE and executives from other great companies was a great treat. It was a carnival- carnival of thousands of individuals who are passionate about making a difference using Microsoft technologies and I was immersed into that for all the days. Cherry on the top was regional offsite to Nigara, a peculiar way to have knowledge-fun balance.

This year Inspire is happening in DC and we already made investment. Yes, it’s an investment of your time, money and mind-share!

What I noticed new (for me) is speed networking events where you can connect and share your capabilities to executives from all over world. I have also registered for sessions that deal with new cloud sales paradigms.

One big advantage of participating in this event is that you can connect with Microsoft executives in your line of business area. Many Microsoft executives who I have heard in virtual events, launches etc. would typically be available to check in with partners here.

I also noticed tons of sessions on cloud, Azure sales, digital transformations, some by Microsoft executives and others by partners who have been there and done that.

Over all it’s a place to be in July because everything is in favor - the content, the people, the weather and the energy.

I would see you all there.

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